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The Happy Chick Farm

Hello and welcome to the Happy Chick Farm! We are glad you came to visit. Please, grab yourself a cup of tea and enjoy.  Let me tell you about how The Happy Chick Farm came to be.

As I began to learn about herbs and herbal medicine, I started to become aware of the issues surrounding the food we eat and how it is raised.  This included chickens and eggs.  It was at that time that I started to think about the idea of raising my own chickens, for eggs, of course (because meat comes from the store, doesnít it?).

As time passed, I became serious about this idea and began to ask others about it. In search of places to buy grass fed beef and other natural food products, a friend gave me the name of a woman she had seen give a presentation at a local park.  When I called this woman, I learned that she was a local farmer ( and had many of the natural food products I wished to  buy. We have been in contact ever since and she has been such a wealth of knowledge for me. She is on the board of the local Farmerís Market ( and was formerly an extension office employee. As such, she was involved with a hatching program for the local schools.

I saw her in a local restaurant and told her that I wanted to get some hens. She told me that one of the schools would be having some new hatchlings that needed a home and they were free if I wanted them.  I told her I would take them.

Needless to say, we were not ready for chickens. And, as it turned out, they had one of the biggest hatches ever!  We took home 14 little chicks, The Happy Chick Farm was born and I was hooked on chickens.  They stayed in my living room for 10 weeks because we didnít even have a coop.  Feathers and chicken poop were a daily battle.

Things have improved since then. We have graduated to organic grain and have some very happy chicks.  I hope you will pay us a visit and pick up some eggs. We dare you to compare and see the difference that a healthy, happy chicken can make.

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